Evan Tracz is an itinerant guitarist/singer/songwriter who filters his eclectic brand of rock through his unique life experiences. After playing jazz and acoustic music in Boston during the mid-nineties, Evan embarked on an international lifestyle by joining the U.S. Peace Corps, serving as a community development volunteer in Central Asia for two years. Since then, he has spent the bulk of his time living in the former Soviet Union, working primarily in the fields of international development, security, and diplomacy. Wherever Evan’s career has taken him, music has followed, allowing him to play with local and expat musicians in a strange variety of venues across Eurasia, and incorporate elements of the musical cultures he has encountered into his own playing.

In the mid-aughts, Evan met up with recording engineer and producer Nick Lloyd to record and produce 'Off and On' – a collection of original material (and one cover) that placed Evan's compositions in a full band setting. Joined by a supporting cast of excellent musicians from New York and New Haven, Off and On showcases the diversity of Evan's musical influences and interests, ranging from alternative rock, to country, jazz and traditional styles from a variety of musical cultures.

Currently, Evan lives in Moldova and divides his time between family, supporting library development, and, whenever possible, playing and writing music.



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